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Football is back! Today’s lack of productivity is brought to you in part by two NFL Monday Night Football games which ended at 11:49pm MST last night.  That in and of itself isn’t that big of a deal.  The thing that tipped the scale for me is that the Broncos was that 2nd game and the Broncos didn’t win…at home…against the Raiders…hence lack of productivity today.

Fantasy Football A friend posted on Facebook recently that he was having his fantasy football draft and all of his buddies showed up in french maid outfits.  I’ve played fantasy football for many years now and have done it over various platforms and managing a couple of teams at a time.  Up until this year my wife and I have played in the same league for about since I started.  She has a strategy which has helped her finish in the top 1-3 teams while she was playing.  She would pick the players based solely on head shots.  It sounds crazy but it seemed to work for her.

Fantasy Football – Father and Son Edition This year my 9 year old son is taking the reigns from my wife’s team and we’re playing in the same league.  This league has another father and son combo which makes it a little more fun.  Last night my son had Tom Brady in and he threw for over 500 yards and 3 touchdowns.  One touchdown was a 99 yard pass play to Wes Welker for a TD.  Needless to say he won last night…his dad didn’t…

Time Together Back to school, fall football, gymnastics…our schedule has started back up for the school year and it seems non-stop doesn’t it?  It’s something we all go through.  It’s amazing how fast paced we all are right now.  It’s important, I believe, to find ways to spend some time together whoever you can…as a family and individually.  I would argue that quantity time is more important than quality time.  Larry Winget writes that the average parent spends less than three and a half minutes of meaningful conversation with their kids.  Let’s change that.

How do you work in family time with such a hectic schedule?


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