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Bev, of Bevz Bakery, is one of the most talented and creative people that I’ve ever met.  She’s now making her talent available to those in need of sweet creations.  She’s been a friend for years and I will go out of my way to host things at our house knowing that she won’t come empty handed.

From her website:

We provide custom cakes, cupcakes, breads, cookies, and more for all occassions:

  • Weddings
  • Birthdays
  • Dinner and Holiday Parties
  • Business Meetings
  • Retirements
  • Honors and Awards Celebrations
  • Graduations
  • and other Special Events

Bev is compassionate  A few years ago we had an agent in our office who The Strange Team is sweetwas battling cancer.  Keller Williams truly is a family so we set off in an attempt to raise some money for her and her family.  I reached out to my friends and Bev answered the call.  She made several mini pumpkin loafs and allowed us to raffle them off.  What tipped the scale was the basket of bite sized samples that gave people the opportunity to sample.  Those loafs were the single biggest draw and brought in the highest bids of roughly $700.  After years of requests and encouragement by friends and familes – she’s taking the step to start her own bakery.

More about Bev:

Bev has been baking sweet creations since she was in elementary school.  Many burned fingers and worn out pot holders later, she is now offering her gift for baking to others.

Bev’s favorite recipes have a distinct southern influence, inspired by her familial roots in South Carolina and Louisiana.  Above all else, flavor is king in her kitchen…followed closely by a clean-lines appearance and welcoming presentation.

She was kind enough to bring us some samples at our office.  When you’re a hard working real estate agent it is easy to work through lunch 😉  She has such a eye for detail that I know she’s going to do great.  Look at some of her creations.  Here is the best way to contact her:



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Today I feel cold and alone

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It dipped below 70 degrees today so naturally I’m thinking “Winters here”.  So along that vein I thought let’s talk a minute about some energy-saving tips.  A client of mine asked me recently about an energy audit on a house they were buying so I became an expert of sorts on the topic and found a great resource to learn about energy conservation.  Interestingly enough they offer energy auditing services.  Excel Energy and more information on getting a home energy audit can be found following this link.  Excel Energy’s website is chalk full of useful information and tons of links for further information.  I believe wholeheartedly in being more green and in doing what we can to cut down on waste.  Excel Energy has a blog that keeps lots of ideas on energy conservation and here are some types that they recently posted on one of their sites (source http://www.ExcelEnergy.com):

  • Set your thermostat to 68 degrees.
  • Set your water heater to 120 degrees.
  • Open window coverings on south-facing windows to warm your home, but remember to close them at night.
    Image showing both a fluorescent and an incand...

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  • I don’t care how much you love that fireplace, traditional fireplaces are not efficient. When not in use, shut the damper and make sure it stays closed.
  • Plug leaks — Install weather-stripping or caulk leaky doors and windows. Did you know a 1/16th-inch unsealed crack around a window lets in as much cold air as leaving the window open 1/2-inch? Yikes.
  • Use cold water when you wash your clothes. They won’t know the difference.
  • Dry your clothes outside (Okay it’s not ideal, I get that.) or buy a drying rack.
  • Change out your light bulbs to compact fluorescent bulbs or LEDs.
  • Install a low-flow shower head.
  • Buy your water heater a blanket. If your water heater feels warm to the touch it is losing heat and needs a blanket.
  • Don’t forget to replace your furnace filter — remember that a dirty filter for your furnace is like you trying to breathe through a waffle.
  • Ceiling fan — Turn the blades clockwise in the winter!
  • Install clear, plastic sheets in the windows. Remember to seal the plastic tightly frame to frame.
  • And my personal favorite, make sure you don’t have a piece of furniture or a big, fluffy cat blocking a vent! This will ensure that the air is evenly distributed throughout the-house and not inundated with cat hair.
These are just a few ways to help stretch your dollar during the winter months.  What kind of things do you do at your house to cut down on electric bills?

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September 11, 2011, is a ‘remember when’ kind of day. Do you remember what you were doing when you first heard the news? That was the first day my wife began a period of bed rest while carrying our first child Hayden. At the time she was working for an architecture company out of Boulder. She woke up and was hopeful for some time off while finishing out the last couple weeks of her term. She had plans to just enjoy the days relaxing and catching up on daytime tv. We woke to a tragic surprise. What were you doing when you first heard?

It’s hard to imagine that it’s already 10 years later.  We take time out of our day today to say a special thanks to those Americans that are responsible for keeping us safe all these many years later.  Thank you to the soldiers overseas protecting our assets and our allies.  Thank you to the first responders all over America and those that did so much that fateful day 10 years ago.  I’m proud of America and proud to be your fellow American.

Flag of the United States

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Construction Industry Networking Group – North (CING)

Meetup on the first Wednesday of every month

at 7am at the Broomfield Chamber of Commerce

CING was established to create a group of professionals in and catering to the construction industry to help build businesses and to bolster the referral base for the people we come in contact with who are in need of services.  This group is different than others because these are like minded people all in the same industry that provide services convering myriad niches.  Nearly all aspects of building, construction, remodeling, project management, taxes, employee relations and other business improvement ideas are discussed at monthly meetings.

Their mission statement is:

“Cultivating an environment of construction business leaders to facilitate economic growth, provide communication and networking opportunities within the construction industry.”

If you are interested in joining us please check out our Construction Industry Networking Group – North Meet Up page and let us know that you’d like to come.  Having been in real estate for as long I have it’s important to be a trustworthy source for reliable services when referring contractors and service providers.  It’s important to our clients to know that the people we recommend were not selected from a newspaper ad or the phone book (remember those?).  I think it’s entirely worthwhile to have met with other business owners and to have a list of recommendations from their customers.  If you’re interested in meeting other business owners and exercising the axiom “Iron Sharpens Iron” then we would love to have you.

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On July 18, 2010, The Strange Team hosted our second annual 14’er hike to Mt. Bierstadt.  31 friends, clients and associates joined us in checking this off of our collective bucket lists.  It’s something that we enjoy doing so why not bring along some friends? 

14'er hike to Mt. Bierstadt

Here’s a link to our local papers piece: CLICK HERE FOR THAT STORY  

Houses for sale in colorado

Alan Strange, and The Strange Team, has a comprehensive website focusing on Denver Real Estate. Buyers can search all of the active Colorado MLS listings for homes Fast, Free and Easy. Alan Strange has served on the commission for nearly two years. In addition to community service Alan runs a real estate team for Keller Williams Realty.

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This weekend my wife and I enjoyed our 12 year wedding anniversary.  We spent an evening at the Queen Anne Bed and Breakfast in Denver near Curtis Park.  It couldn’t have been a nicer evening. 

We spent the evening shopping locally on the 16th Street Mall in Denver.  The lights were lit for the holidays and the horse drawn carriages were decorated to look like sleighs. 

The Queen Anne has new ownership who took over in 2008 and is committed to making it a green inn.  From the soaps and shampoo, to the bedding and right down to the food they serve they have commited to using local foods and vendors and to sustainability to the building itself.  Go and visit this historic site and enjoy the sustainability changes this new business owner is instituting.  www.queenannebnb.com 

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HUD is playing with the idea to modify the requirements to get an FHA loan. Currently some things on the table that are being discussed in smoke-filled rooms with poor lighting are increasing the down payment from 3% to 5%, limiting the amount of money that seller’s can contribute to buyer’s closing costs from 6% to 3% and increasing the minimum FICO score from 500 to something that isn’t 500 (they haven’t given a number on that yet). A little known fact about the FICO score is that although FHA will allow a score close to that now many banks are not issuing loans to scores below 620.

Incidentally, if you feel your score is low and want to do something about it, don’t believe you are without options. We can help you with our strategic partners to increase your score so you can qualify to purchase a home. Sometimes it only take a few weeks to get your scores where they need to be to become a home owner.  There is no cost or obligation. 

What is spurring these FHA changes? There is a rule on the books that mandates FHA has a 2% minimum in reserves. They are currently below that. Keep tuned in here to see what changes ultimately come to fruition.

For a graphical report sent directly to your email within 30 minutes detailing what is currently for sale in your neighborhood and to find out how much your neighbors homes are selling, visit: FreeDenverValues.com it’s Fast, Free & Easy

To see everything available for sale in a particular area and to find out about detailed market statistics and other valuable information, such as: days on market, current sold to list prices and proximity to conveniences click here: Market Update

Alan Strange, and The Strange Team, has a comprehensive website focusing on Denver Real Estate. Buyers can search all of the active Colorado MLS listings for homes Fast, Free and Easy. Alan Strange has served on the commission for nearly two years. In addition to community service Alan runs a real estate team for Keller Williams Realty.

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