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Spotlight on Harris Park Homes for Sale
Harris Park is located in between 76 th and 72nd to Sheridan and Lowell.  Harris Park features homes built in the 1950s and have multiple ranch style homes.  This neighborhood is close to many conveniences and has been well established.  Many homeowners have made renovations to their homes over the years and most homes have very nice sized lots.  There is definitely room to grow here.
For a look at all of the homes available for sale at any given time please click this map below.  

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Funny Street Signs

That line, made famous by Shakespear, is a great quote.  Look around the room you are in right now and ask yourself how you would feel about any item had it another name?  Have you thought about the name of the street on which you live?  Did the name, the commonality or the ease at which you can spell it have any affect on your decision to buy it? 

Can we all agree that names are sometimes fascinating?  I mean, who comes up with some of them?  While showing homes to a client today we drove down Motsenbocher Way when two interesting topics arose:  1) How much is a homes saleability affected by the name of the street on which it sits?  2) What’s a Motsenbocher? 

While we surmised that Motsenbocher was most likely someone’s name the interest in this subject remained.  Our interest was further fueled by another street we came across on Rhyolite Way.  For 20 points what is a Rhyolite?  After a quick Google search it was discovered to be volcanic rock. No Name Road Sign

When people are shopping for homes how much attention is paid to the street on which it resides?  Think about this: have you ever told someone your address over the phone?  How many times did you have to spell it?  Is there enough pain in spelling more than three times the name of your street to a delivery person? 

While contemplating this topic I was reminded of a couple of my favorite street names in the Denver Metro Area. 

Off the wall: It would be difficult (to me at least) to tell people that I live on Jackass Road.  I didn’t stutter when I said: Wewatta Street.  Kalamath doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue.  While being good for entry to Coors Field, Wazee Street’spotential may be limited.  Another couple Denver favorite’s are Champa and Wynkoop. 

Politics?  Would it be tough to live on Democrat Drive? How about Republican Mountain?  

My all time Favorite?  I can’t say this one without grinning…my ultimate favorite street name in Colorado?  Erfert Street.

What are some of the funny names that you have seen in and around your neck of the woods? 

Look through this list of Denver Homes for Sale and see if there are any names that would cause you to think twice about buying.

Alan Strange |  The Strange Team

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Specializing in Metro Denver Real Estate ranging from REO/Short Sales to Luxury to New Builds. 

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Northglenn, COexterior shot of fit soldiers northglenn colorado location

Congratulations to Dave and Dave at Fit Soldiers for turning one!  Members of the Metro North Chamber joined the duo at their ribbon cutting celebrating being in business for one full year.  As a major hurdle in many young businesses they are posed to continue growing and will be staples of the community for years to come. 

What is Fit Soldiers?  Without throwing too much puffery (real estate term for over selling) this could be the single greatest and fastest way to get fit, healthy and increase your athleticism.  Okay, I’m prone to some hyperbole but after meeting the DavesI became a member and found it to be an exhilarating way to finish a workout without being board and by maintaining motivation throughout the workout.  Ditch the mundane workouts and enjoy less conventional ways of getting fit with the use of tractor tires, dueling ropes, TRX Suspension Trainers, sandbags and many more interesting strategies. 

Give them a call and ask about how to get involved or stop by and visit them:

Fit Soldiers Fitness Boot Camps is located at 2100 E. 112th Ave. #2 in Northglenn.  For more information please call (720) 333-8497 or visit www.fitsoldiers.com.

Would you rather walk there instead of driving?  Here are some homes for sale within walking distance:

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Ruston Park SignOn October 1st, 2010, City of Federal Heights officials, Metro North Chamber members, Adams County officials and students from Federal Heights Elementary School joined together for a ribbon cutting ceremony officially opening the new additions made to Ruston Park in Federal Heights, Colorado. 

Ruston Park is named after a long time Federal Heights resident named Harry Ruston Park from a distanceRuston.  Mr. Ruston was a magistrate for the city and an avid aviation enthusiasist whoeventually built the first airport in the area.  The location where he built is currently located at the Flight Deck at 10105 Federal Blvd.  During the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s the airport served as a training facility for pilots.  In 1962 Broomfield opened it’s city operated airport and forced Mr. Ruston’s runway out of business.  He sold his land to a few different parties including Pulte Homes.  Following this endeavor he then became a federal judge appointed by President Truman.  The land where Ruston Park is located was donated by Mr. Ruston. 

Ruston Park PlaygroundRuston Park is located at the 9800 block of Zuni Street.  The park features a gazebo, lots of open field space, a serious playground, an athletic trail with exercise stops and steep hills perfect for winter sledding.  There are also basketball courts and a horse shoe pit. 

Homes for Sale in Federal Heights under $100,000

Homes for Sale in Federal Heights between $100,001 and $200,000

Homes for Sale in Ferderal Heights over $200,001

See you at the sled hill!

Alan Strange, Keller Williams Realty – The Strange Team



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Buffalo Wild Wings has opened a new location in the Larkridge Shopping Center in Thornton, CO. Over 200 people waited outside the grand opening early one morning in September in hopes of being one of the first 100 people to receive a coupon book good for free wings for one year.

Here’s some info from their site:

 Buffalo Wild Wings Grill & Bar® is one of the Top 10 Fastest-Growing Restaurant Chains in the country, and our concept is more than just a NY-styled wing joint with 14 signature sauces.  We are also a sports bar, complete with a full menu featuring from salads to appetizers to burgers, and a variety of speciality items.  All served in a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere where people like to hang out with friends, play trivia on our Buzztime® Trivia system and watch their favorite games on one of our many big-screen TVs.  
Wild Wings has made it’s new home at Larkridge Shopping Center which is located at Highway 7 and Washington. The shopping center offers many other conveniences such as Costco, Sears, Petco, Home Depot and several restaurants such as Famous Dave’s BBQ, Gunther Toody’s and Village Inn.

Their address is:

Buffalo Wild Wings

16540 N. Washington Street
Thornton, CO 80023-8964
Phone: 303-524-3800

Store Hours:

Mon-Thurs: 11AM to 1AM
Fri-Sat: 11AM to 2AM
Sun: 11AM to 12AM

Several nearby neighborhoods in the area are:

North Range Village offers many different single family homes available from a couple different builders.  Centered around a Thornton Parks and Open Space designated park this neighborhood has lots to offer including the close proximity to every convenience imaginable.  Below is a link for all currently active homes for sale in North Range Village. 

North Range Village Homes for Sale

The Haven located in Thornton, Colorado at York and 144th Ave is a spacious neighborhood both in layout and in the homes available to own.  Centered on a community pool this neighborhood has tons of trails, parks and open space.  There are several models to choose from and Silver Creek Elementary School is located in this neighborhood.

The Haven Homes for Sale

Quail Valley located in Thornton, Colorado at the south-west corner of 144th and York has a great collection of homes from which to choose.  This neighborhood has lots of trails and is located just south of the Big Dry Creek Open Space designated by the city of Thornton as protected space.

Quail Valley Homes for Sale

Join Alan Strange and The Strange Team in welcoming another great business to the Thornton, Colorado landscape.  Alan and his team have been serving in the Denver Metro market for nearly 10 years.  For more information on market activity and to find out whether the market has stabilized in your area visit our website on the Colorado Real Estate Market.

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I have met some great people during my career as a broker.  Great people

Improve your credit score

who just simply want to realize the American dream of home ownership.  Often times we make those dreams a reality.  Often times we make those dreams reality in a timely manner.  Other times it takes time.

Why?  The powers that be have installed a system whereby in order for someone to qualify to get a loan to buy a home they have to be what they would call ‘credit worthy’.  The banks and lenders need to feel comfortable in the borrower’s ability to repay whatever loan they are given.  How they do that is primarily through a credit score. 

Credit score calculations are put together by the same people who have developed the BCS standings for college football championships seemingly.  No one fully grasps how they do it or why they weigh more on particular aspects of a persons financial snapshot over others, but that’s the reality. 

Essentially the credit score is put together by three bureaus who record financial information in a database and plug that information into their formulas to come up with a score.  Those bureaus are Trans Union, Equifax and Experian.  Lenders then use that information to determine if a person is ‘credit worthy’ or has a strong likelihood of repaying a loan. 

What if that score is too low?  Lenders want to see (and this is subject to the lending environment at any given time – aka ‘Subject to Change’) scores at least 620 and higher.  The lower the score the higher the rate can be.  The lower the score the higher the down payment potentially can be, too.  If that score is on the low side there are things that can be done to improve that score.  Here are a couple links to improving your credit score. 

The most complete resource for all things credit score is www.myfico.com 

Here’s an article from Money Magazine on 7 ways to improve your credit score.

Here’s to a healthy credit score!

Alan Strange, and The Strange Team, has a comprehensive website focusing on Denver Real Estate. Buyers can search all of the active Colorado MLS listings for homes Fast, Free and Easy.

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Here’s a glimpse of market activity today:

    % Change vs
  NOV 09 Prior Month Year Ago
Single Family (Res + Cond)
Active 18,061 -4.67 -17.00
Under Contract 3,444 -29.86 -5.31
Sold 3,599 -9.07 23.25
    Avg DOM 81 -12.77 -13.49
    Avg Sold Price $238,852 0.02 5.27
Active 13,575 -5.57 -19.08
Under Contract 2,727 -28.24 -6.71
Sold 2,751 -9.86 16.82
    Avg DOM 79 -14.13 -15.05
    Avg Sold Price $265,498 1.42 9.46
Active 4,486 -1.82 -10.03
Under Contract 717 -35.41 0.42
Sold 848 -6.40 50.09
    Avg DOM 88 -10.20 -9.28
    Avg Sold Price $152,409 -5.60 -5.70
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The percentage of SOLD properties by Price Range:

$50,000 – $109,999          7.98%

$110,000-$149,999         12.90%        

$150,000-$199,999        20.19%

$200,000-$299,999        32.84%

$300,000-$499,999        18.08%

$500,000 and over             7.47%

As you can see here the market has moved to the $200-300k segment.  The primary reason for this is the lack of inventory in the lower priced market.  We have seen an average of 17 days on market for that segment for some sales.  Some properties are unable to sell quickly due to various issues.  The biggest culprit in our market for longer days on market statistics are short sales (situations where a homeowner is facing foreclosure and is working with the bank to accept short of what is owed).  They take time and are on the market longer as the negotiation is worked out.  Stay tuned here for more information on market activity in the upcoming year.

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