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Colorado legislators passed a bill this week requiring Carbon Monoxide detectors be placed in all residential sales effective July 1, 2009.  Governor Ritter signed HB 1091 this week which will cover all new residential construction and existing residential (single and multi-family) housing offered for sale or rent. 

Some particulars:

1. Residential property containing a fuel-fired heater, appliance, fireplace or an attached garage will be responsible for assuring that a CO detector be properly installed.

2. CO detectors will be required within 15 feet of the entrance of each room lawfully used for sleeping.

3. There will be no liability against claim if the CO alarm is installed in accordance with the manufacturers instructions.

4. This is effective July 1, 2009 for all new rental periods and residential sales.

Be sure to check with local governmental agencies on specifics pertaining to your area as they are allowed to enact more stringent requirements.  Also, be sure to investigate this to see how it pertains to your situation. 


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