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LoHi (the trendy name for Lower Highland)¬†is an area that has a vast amount of revitalization taking place. Spurred by the great walking bridge connecting LoHi to Commons Park and the Platte River Bike Trail this area has seen a lot of growth in recent years and there’s no sign of slowing any time soon. The photograph above this blog site is taking from one of the life-sized sculptures in the park which features many different installations. The proximity to the Platte River offers walks to the banks where any given weekend will have people sunning, swimming, tubing, fishing and you can often see numerous dogs taking a swim to cool off as well.


I’ve worked in this area for years and have driven by this bridge and the weird sculpture (referred to as ‘the pile of red blood cells’) for years without having spent any time actually walking the pavement. I’ve even had lunch at bar and had taken the most direct route from my car to the table. Last weekend my wife and I took our three kids downtown to LoHi to visit the area, walk the bridge and test the pavement.



The big bribe was the promise of ice cream. Having seen Little Big Man Ice Cream for seemingly forever we finally made the trek to check it out firsthand. This place made me a hero for the afternoon. The building is a giant tin milk jug and it’s above a patio which, on the day we visited, had a live three-piece blues band. The patio has a slide for the kids and had a mister keeping the place cool. The selection was large and unique and they have a charitable spin – for each scoop they donate a certain amount of rice to a country in need. There’s a picture of an explanations board below:

They have a pancake breakfast scheduled for Saturday mornings occasionally. Check out Little Man’s Ice Cream’s website for moire information. ¬†Check out Little Man Ice Cream’s menu board too.


Want a conversation piece? Have a friend describe what they think an art piece titled ‘National Velvet’ looks like without having seen it…then show them this picture and wait for their response. Weird, right?




If you have interest in Lower Highland (LoHi) and would like more information on the market and what is for sale at any given time click the picture below:






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