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It’s Sunday morning and I’m preparing for the NFL games that are about to air.  I thought I’d take this forum to discuss a new hobby that I just developed…and then subsequently have already stopped.  That new hobby is the art of juicing vegetables into a healthy drink.  As most of my hobbies develop this one came after I watched a documentary on juicing.  The title of the documentary is Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead.  It’s about a guy who has a skin condition that presents itself as a rash that just doesn’t go away.  It’s hidden behind clothes and has just been an irritant for him for a large part of his adult life.  After seeing doctor after doctor without relief he decided to take matters into his own hands.  This alone was not the reason for this change is health habits.  He found himself over weight after years of eating unhealthily.  He decided what better way to  detoxify then to go on a juice fast.  His juice fast journey started in NY for 30 days after which he spent the next 30 days driving across the US.  It was a fascinating story after which he lost a ton of weight, his skin condition cleared up and he helped some others start their journey on their road to health.


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Great story, right?  I am totally in to this new lifestyle choice.  Sold.  Count me in.  That was Friday night.  Saturday morning, after a listing appointment, I found myself in Denver with some time on my hands.  I sought out a Whole Foods Market…specifically their juice bar inside.  Of all the choices they had to offer I selected the one with the biggest bang for my buck.  They had offerings paired with orange juice and other fruits…but I am totally in and all over the vegetable juice diet.  Because, as shown in the documentary, I can eat three bushels of vegetables in 12 ounce glass (my math might be a bit fuzzy).  The one I choose was called Goddess.  That should have said to me…dude, pass on that one…but I dove in.  It was a beet, parsley, carrot and something else concoction.  I’m sure it tasted as it was supposed to although to my untrained new vegetable seeking taste buds…it was gross.

So, my story is now…I used to be a juicer…but that hobby has passed.

Seriously, I am now reviewing juice makers to find one that will handle my ‘weekend warrior – juice guy’ mentality.  I’m looking at recipes too that offer some fruit-ness since I believe that will help.  When  you find yourself with some time go check out that documentary and see if it sparks a new (albeit temporary) hobby.

What kind of hobbies have you started on a whim and have stuck to or have you found yourself looking for another?


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Football is back! Today’s lack of productivity is brought to you in part by two NFL Monday Night Football games which ended at 11:49pm MST last night.  That in and of itself isn’t that big of a deal.  The thing that tipped the scale for me is that the Broncos was that 2nd game and the Broncos didn’t win…at home…against the Raiders…hence lack of productivity today.

Fantasy Football A friend posted on Facebook recently that he was having his fantasy football draft and all of his buddies showed up in french maid outfits.  I’ve played fantasy football for many years now and have done it over various platforms and managing a couple of teams at a time.  Up until this year my wife and I have played in the same league for about since I started.  She has a strategy which has helped her finish in the top 1-3 teams while she was playing.  She would pick the players based solely on head shots.  It sounds crazy but it seemed to work for her.

Fantasy Football – Father and Son Edition This year my 9 year old son is taking the reigns from my wife’s team and we’re playing in the same league.  This league has another father and son combo which makes it a little more fun.  Last night my son had Tom Brady in and he threw for over 500 yards and 3 touchdowns.  One touchdown was a 99 yard pass play to Wes Welker for a TD.  Needless to say he won last night…his dad didn’t…

Time Together Back to school, fall football, gymnastics…our schedule has started back up for the school year and it seems non-stop doesn’t it?  It’s something we all go through.  It’s amazing how fast paced we all are right now.  It’s important, I believe, to find ways to spend some time together whoever you can…as a family and individually.  I would argue that quantity time is more important than quality time.  Larry Winget writes that the average parent spends less than three and a half minutes of meaningful conversation with their kids.  Let’s change that.

How do you work in family time with such a hectic schedule?

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Funny Street Signs

That line, made famous by Shakespear, is a great quote.  Look around the room you are in right now and ask yourself how you would feel about any item had it another name?  Have you thought about the name of the street on which you live?  Did the name, the commonality or the ease at which you can spell it have any affect on your decision to buy it? 

Can we all agree that names are sometimes fascinating?  I mean, who comes up with some of them?  While showing homes to a client today we drove down Motsenbocher Way when two interesting topics arose:  1) How much is a homes saleability affected by the name of the street on which it sits?  2) What’s a Motsenbocher? 

While we surmised that Motsenbocher was most likely someone’s name the interest in this subject remained.  Our interest was further fueled by another street we came across on Rhyolite Way.  For 20 points what is a Rhyolite?  After a quick Google search it was discovered to be volcanic rock. No Name Road Sign

When people are shopping for homes how much attention is paid to the street on which it resides?  Think about this: have you ever told someone your address over the phone?  How many times did you have to spell it?  Is there enough pain in spelling more than three times the name of your street to a delivery person? 

While contemplating this topic I was reminded of a couple of my favorite street names in the Denver Metro Area. 

Off the wall: It would be difficult (to me at least) to tell people that I live on Jackass Road.  I didn’t stutter when I said: Wewatta Street.  Kalamath doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue.  While being good for entry to Coors Field, Wazee Street’spotential may be limited.  Another couple Denver favorite’s are Champa and Wynkoop. 

Politics?  Would it be tough to live on Democrat Drive? How about Republican Mountain?  

My all time Favorite?  I can’t say this one without grinning…my ultimate favorite street name in Colorado?  Erfert Street.

What are some of the funny names that you have seen in and around your neck of the woods? 

Look through this list of Denver Homes for Sale and see if there are any names that would cause you to think twice about buying.

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