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The Villages at Riverdale

Located on the northeast side of Thornton, The Villages of Riverdale answers the call for homeowners who want a lot of living space in an established neighborhood. Built in the early 2000s this neighborhood features a multitude of single family homes with one particular model reaching in the higher 2,000 square feet. The Villages of Riverdale has tons of bike paths and pocket parks with meandering street and traffic calming roundabouts. This neighborhood is down the street from the new Veteran’s Memorial Aquatics Center, Horizon High School and lots of conveniences such as grocery shopping, dry cleaning and the local Starbucks.

The Villages at Riverdale just got more convenient with the introduction of the Wal-Mart located off 128th and Quebec. Just down the street is a new Urgent Care center located on 128th and Holly. Caddy corner to that corner of the intersection is another strip mall with a workout facility, a restaurant, a liquor store and a veterinarian. Several other neighborhoods near The Villages at Riverdale is Woodbridge Station, Holly Crossing and Riverdale Park. For a look at homes for sale in The Villages at Riverdale use the search box:

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September 3, 2011:  The sun is starting to reach the apex of it’s daily trek, the artificial turf is glistening and there is electricity in the air.  After a full month of practices and late nights in coaches strategy sessions our work is being put to the test…oh yeah, and the kids will be there too…it’s…

Opening Day forYouth Football!

Go North Suburban Thunder

your North Metro Denver

Pop Warner Team!

Having grown up playing youth football and starting out in Florida with the Cypress Lake Hornets I remember how game days felt.  It’s great to relive that through my two sons.  There really is nothing like the sense of community as parents start to arrive with their players dressed to the nines for the games upcoming.

Pop Warner has been established for years nationwide and is getting a foothold in the Colorado region.  We’ve had exponential growth over the last couple of years. 70% of the NFL came from a Pop Warner program.  One big difference that differentiates itself from other programs is the age/weight matrix which allows kids to play against kids their own size and eliminates the need for patch or X players (those restricted to blocking only due to their size) and allows kids to learn and get a feel for all different position.  We also play on a 100 yard field and use high school rules so players do not have to ‘relearn’ later should they choose to continue to play in middle and high school.

If you are available on any given Saturday and want a wholesome way to spend a couple of  hours with the family. I would encourage you to come by and help our families and the cheerleaders cheer on the North Suburban Thunder.  We currently play our home games at Prairie View High School.  To all players beginning their season: “Play hard and have a fantastic (and safe) season!”.

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